Florida Inheritance Advances & Probate What you should know!

How long does the probate process take in Florida?

The probate process in Florida typically takes at least 6 to 24 months. Due to significant backlogs in the courts, it often takes months to receive a court date at each step in the process. You should expect to wait six months to receive your inheritance money. So how do inheritance advance work ?

Probate in Florida

The probate court in Florida becomes involved after a person passes away to oversee the division of property among those who are legally entitled to it.

An inheritance advance is an alternative to waiting for estate distribution in Florida

If you are an heir/beneficiary to a Florida estate and you are waiting for the probate to close, so you can receive your money, you may have discovered that the wait can take many months or even years. An inheritance advance is a quick way to access some of your inheritance money right away.

At Heir Cash Now, our inheritance advance experts have dealt with hundreds of heirs/beneficiaries and advanced millions of dollars to beneficiaries who used the money to pay for household and medical bills, take care of loved ones, and start new businesses. The money is yours to use however you want.

What are the steps to administer an Estate in Florida?

The general procedure required to settle an estate via probate in Florida is the following:

  1. The Will or Death certificate must be filed in the county where the decedent lived.
  2. A Petition for Probate must be filed as well.
  3. Once the Petition for Probate is filed, a notice must be published in a newspaper where the decedent lived. This is to notify potential creditors of the proceeding.
  4. The Court will issue "Letters Testamentary" to the executor/Personal Representative
  5. An inventory of the estate's assets must be filed with the court
  6. Once all of the creditors and taxes have been paid, a Petition to close the probate must be filed with the court.
  7. The Court will issue an Order, distributing the estate's property to the beneficiaries.
  8. The executor is entitled to fees for their services and Florida does not impose an inheritance tax.

Posted in State on Jun 28, 2019